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Hello All!

Please make yourselves at home in my virtual world and consider me your new virtual sister, friend and fellow mother making her way through motherhood. Here at, you are not alone and thanks to you ladies, neither am I. is where women can take refuge. A place to be yourself. A woman, flawed and all. Relax and let your hair down.— Here you are accepted, understood, relatable and valued. Not only do our writers have a voice here but you do as well. Your comments and shares will speak to the masses. There are other women just like you who need to hear what you have to say and here, you have the floor to do just that. This is a place where you can find a little bit of everything a woman would need to talk about and read about and have some laughs along the way.

We are by no means picture perfect and we will not pretend to be. Everything you find here will be authentic, real and organic. We are women just like you, piecing this thing called life together, trying to perfect love, learning to  “do” life with others, making our attempts to be the best versions of ourselves and providing for our families.’s hope is to inspire you and to motivate you. Shaming and judgment are not welcomed here. We seek to create a space that inspires growth. So please grow with us. Sign up for our weekly (not daily) newsletter so we can stay connected. And let us know who you are, say hello in the comment box below. Don’t be a stranger.


Wishing You Love & Peace Always,

Rebecca (Becky) Michelle


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