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A Short Revelation Of A Human named Woman

I would like to consider men and women as equals, mothers, and fathers as equals, consider the fact that we are all human but the reality is women are considered less significant than men. No one may say it but do we not notice this very fact within their actions? Tone ? Facial expressions? Do we not see it in the DNA of our “unexplainable” insecurities? Do we at times find ourselves insignificant? Always being put last and putting ourselves last, sitting in the back of the bus as our rightful seats? ┬áThis may not be true for all men or all women. But is it true for you?

The duties of a mother and a wife are considered light work. My many jobs as a woman are considered “things I should do anyways” therefore they warrant little to no appreciate and should be done with ease. But before you open your mouth to tell me that my job is easy or my life for that matter, you must first walk in my shoes and do my job, live my life. Before you open your mouth to criticize me, consider for a second that I do not always fail, but I do always try to do my best.

I express my feelings with conversations and emotions and I’m considered too emotional or weak. You express your feelings with anger and rage and you are simply upset. And one of my many duties is to calm the waters. Do what I can to not escalate the situation and offer you time to calm yourself.

As a wife, mother, a woman, and a human I think I too qualify for mercy for my shortcomings as well, I too have long days, mental exhaustion, stress and the weight of the world on my back. We as humans, as men and women can decide to carry the weight of the world together or push one another while we’re down.

Ultimately the choice is up to you. If we keep these things in mind and make a conscious attempt at treating one another like human beings. We can then recondition our minds to understand that all life holds value, one is not of more importance than the other and all should be treated fairly, with love always in mind.



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