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Ever Considered Therapy?

Have you ever wondered, ” Do I need therapy?” I know I definitely have. And why the heck not.

There’s still such a taboo about seeking counsel as if it is only for the truly distraught and disturbed. But can’t we all benefit from this practice? I personally don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from someone listening to them and giving them quality advice.

It seems like the healthy thing to do for our mental health, No? We seek personal trainers to help us keep our bodies in shape or get our bodies in shape, nutritionist to aid us in eating a healthy diet, doctors to keep us healthy or help us when we aren’t healthy. Why do we seek professional help in all areas in our life EXCEPT when it comes to our mental health?

Our Mental health is so important. If I can be totally honest I have had plenty of days where I am just totally overwhelmed with all that life brings. Sometimes life comes at you a little too fast. It can be frustrating, it can bring sadness, anger, you name it. I have times where I feel like my mind is racing terribly fast. It’s as if I’m thinking of anything and everything. It is so exhausting and yet, can still keep me from getting any rest at all.  It’s a damn hard load to carry all alone, so don’t. Seek out a professional therapist. You’ll have someone to talk to and lead you in healthy practices when life gets hard.

So ladies, without further ado, here you will find a very touching and inspirational piece about mental health. This short piece was written by a dear friend of mine, Jasmine Caminero. She is an amazing person and in the midst of all of her struggles, she will manage to make you laugh your butt off. She is indeed a special lady.


“6 months ago I started going to see a therapist. I had been called “crazy” so many times, I started to believe it myself. I went in & it took a while, but I broke down. She reassured me that I wasn’t crazy – life is rough, things happen, & our emotions can vary in every situation, for every person. At times I was ashamed to go. I thought to myself, “you don’t need help, you need God.” & I did have God, but I am only human & I still felt that I needed that extra professional opinion to help me understand. Even being the professional that she was, she still encouraged me to cling to God. She told me I had to develop better-coping methods – take control over what I could, & let God handle what I couldn’t. She told me it is okay, to not be okay sometimes. She told me to trust the process. She told me God wouldn’t take me through deep waters if He wasn’t going to rescue me. She taught me how to ask myself “WHAT can I gain? & HOW can I learn from this?” rather than victimizing myself & always asking “WHY is it happening to me?” — last night I had my last appointment scheduled, & I didn’t go. I canceled. I didn’t feel like I needed it anymore. I truly believe it is done. I appreciate everything she had done for me, & I see her as an angel God had sent to help talk me through things. She reassured me that even though I was seeking help, God was still the one working on me! The point that I’m getting at is, never be ashamed to ask for help. You won’t always have to go to a therapist forever, you won’t always have to be medicated, you won’t always have to feel like you’re crazier than what you are. God placed these people in these practices to help you! You aren’t the first person who needs help & you won’t be the last. Get help while you can. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to pretend you’re stronger than what you are! Seek help. Seek God. Seek healing.Pain doesn’t last forever. ”  – Jasmine Caminero.


As usual please comment and share if you know someone who needs to hear this. Good day, my friends.


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