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Feed Your Spirit CHALLENGE

This challenge is very important to me. It came to me during a time of nothingness really. My life as a mom and wife is pretty routine. My spiritual life consists of nothing more than a short morning prayer and a little prayer at night. Zero spiritual growth. I did not feel far from God but I also didn’t feel very close to him either. I was just here, just living, and going through the motions of life. But I felt like I wanted something more, I need to be a part of something bigger. Something of more importance than folding laundry or going grocery shopping. So I came up with the “Feed Your Spirit Challenge” not only for my readers but also for myself. So I invite you guys to go on this journey with me. I would love for you to comment, email or even message me on Facebook and let me know how this challenge has changed your life if at all. I will keep you posted and I hope you do the same.


Feed Your Spirit CHALLENGE


  1. Commit Your Day To God First Thing In The Morning
  2. Listen To Worship Music
  3. Download An App That Sends You Daily Scriptures
  4. Sign Up For An App That Sends You Daily Devotionals
  5. Go To A Prayer Service
  6. Go to Church On A Sunday Morning
  7. Attend Church Functions
  8. Go Out With Like Minded Friends
  9. Follow People On Social Media Who Positively Influence Your Spiritual Life
  10. Pray
  11. Fast
  12. Ask For Forgiveness
  13. Be Grateful
  14. Be Nice
  15. Treat Others How You Would Like To Be Treated
  16. Count Your Blessings
  17. Read Your Bible
  18. Journal Significant Events In Your Spiritual Life
  19. Do Not Engage In Gossip
  20. Find The Good In Others
  21. If You Have Nothing Nice To Say DO Not Say Anything
  22. Distance Yourself From People Who Do Not Help You Grow
  23. Distance Yourself From Negativity
  24. Pray For Others
  25. Join A Cell Group or ( Bible Study Group)
  26. Get Involved
  27. Meditate
  28. Trust In God
  29. Believe
  30. Listen
  31. Sing Praises

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