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“Better Mommy” CHALLENGE

The ‘Better Mommy Challenge’ This challenge was by no means created to make you feel any less of the amazing mother that you already are. This challenge is to be used simply as a tool to remind you of the little things we may forget during very busy and frustrating moments.

I came up with this challenge during a time where I was totally mentally drained and unhappy with my behavior. And at the end of my days, I felt so sad and I didn’t like myself at all. All because I would remember times earlier in the day where I may have lost my patience with my son or I had a moment where I was being mean.

I didn’t find it fair to my child and I felt like I needed reminding of who I’m dealing with and how to treat him the way he deserves to be treated. So ladies down below you’ll find a list of great things to keep in mind while going through your day as a mommy to your precious little ones.

“Better Mommy” CHALLENGE

  1. Lots of hugs and kisses
  2. Play time with mommy
  3. Baby proof EVERYTHING
  4. Consider the fact that your child doesn’t understand you
  5. Keep in mind that he/or she does not know right from wrong
  6. Your child does not know what’s safe for them to explore and what isn’t
  7. Do not discipline out of anger
  8. Remember that discipline is a tool for teaching
  9. Call to mind that your child is watching and learning everything you do and say
  10. Read with your child
  11. Do your best to minimize the baby talk and talk to your child in complete sentences
  12. Cuddle
  13. Play outside
  14. Sing
  15. Dance
  16. Eat with your child at the dinner table
  17. Remember that your child loves you  g
  18. Wash your hands with your child before and after each meal and outdoor playtime
  19. Make sure you’re adding fruits and veggies to your child’s daily meals
  20. Cut back on sugary drinks and snacks
  21. Make sure naps are taken around the same time each day
  22. Keep bedtime at the same time each night
  23. Brush teeth at least twice a day
  24. Just laugh, your child will follow along
  25. Give your child lots of water
  26. Tickle time
  27. Practice saying new words with your child
  28. Patiently let your child try to drink and eat on his own ( this requires lots of time and patience)
  29. Patiently let your child figure out his toys and put puzzles together
  30. Do not rush your child when they are trying to complete a task on their own
  31. Do your best not to yell
  32. Pray for your child and with your child
  33. And last but not least do your best to take care of yourself. A healthy, happy, showered mommy is important too




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1 thought on ““Better Mommy” CHALLENGE

  1. I do remind myself a lot that my daughter does not know right from wrong and make bad behavior a lesson for learning versus just scolding. I think this one is especially hard because they can be so terrible when they are very little, and it is hard to remember that they just don’t know any better in the moment when you are upset!

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