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Make Sure You’re Prepared: Ask These 20 Questions When Apartment Hunting



  20 Questions You Must Ask When You’re Apartment (Or Condo) Hunting

  1. Is water included?
  2. Is Trash included?
  3. How many parking spaces will I have access to for myself and my guests?
  4. What is the monthly rent?
  5. Is there a minimum credit score requirement?
  6. How much is the security deposit?
  7. Are you asking for the first month, last and deposit?
  8. When will the apartment be available for move in?
  9. When are the security deposit, first months rent and last month due?
  10. Is there an Association?
  11. Is there an application fee and/or association application fee for a couple or individual?
  12. Lease term options?
  13. After lease term is completed will our term convert to month to month?
  14. After lease term is completed does the rent go up?
  15. What form of payments are accepted?
  16. Can I use nails?
  17. Can I paint?
  18. Do you have maintenance staff?
  19. Is after hour maintenance available for emergencies?
  20. What is the maximum amount of tenants allowed?

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