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“21 Day Self Care” CHALLENGE

This challenge came to me while I was looking in the mirror one night after a long day of dealing with my cranky little boy and I just looked like hell, like I had an EXTRA long day. This made me so sad. I know we definitely are our hardest critic’s and as you can imagine I was looking in the mirror, finding plenty of flaws, things I didn’t like and didn’t want to see. Like my eyebrows that desperately needed a wax, dark under eyes and hair so wild that I’d probably be better off shaving it off. And I just told myself, “you have to do better.”

I know as a mom it’s so easy to put yourself last because you have so much to do and people to take care of. But with this challenge, because you’ll have one task a day, it’ll make it so much easier for you to maintain yourself and take care of yourself.

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