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Marriage Can Be Tough: Check Out These Practices You Can Start Doing Today For A Better Marriage

           Marriage can be hard. Hard for you and hard for your husband. Listed below are some great practices to apply to your marriage. My husband and I began to apply these practices to our relationship just this year (year two of marriage) Year one sure was rocky. Newly married, newly pregnant with our first baby, new jobs, and a new city. All of which had definitely played a major role in most of our arguments.
             In addition to us both adjusting to all the new changes, we were getting used to living with each other as well. Needless to say, we had a ton going on.
           One day we both were finally fed up with all the arguing and just darn right exhausted. We sat down, too tired to argue and actually listened to one another. We came up with this list that I’m going to share with you all. Before you scroll down I have to let you know these practices work. THEY WORK. All you and your partner have to do is COMMIT. Commit to the list and to each other. It won’t be easy at first but after continued practice, it all becomes second nature. I promise.
I’m beyond excited for you. Please return back to let me know how this list worked out for you and your husband.
 20 Things Todo To Fix Your Marriage
1. Practice living each day as if it were your last day together.

2. Do not worry about who’s right or who’s wrong.

3. Don’t forget you are a team. What’s good for one has to be good for both.

4. Meet each other half way. Compromise.

5. Pick your battles wisely – not everything is worth fighting for.

6. Self-evaluation is huge. Get a pen and pad and write down things you know you do out of spite, selfish or anger. Do your best to stop doing those things you’ve listed.

7.  Make sure everything you do is done with love.

8. Hold your tongue. Do not say anything mean out of anger, even if your spouse does. Control what you can control which includes your own actions. Once you begin tearing each other down verbally it’s very hard to repair the relationship.

9. Try to understand that just because you don’t understand your spouse doesn’t mean they don’t make sense.

10. Remember that most of the time the problem isn’t you or your spouse. The problem is usually poor communication.

11. Keep in mind that although you are upset you are speaking to the one you love.

12. Be respectful.

13. Be clear.

14. If your spouse is combative remind him/or her that you love them and all you want is to come to a resolution.

15. Do your best to not engage in an argument when things become heated. Respectfully take a break from the issue at hand.

16. Do not go to bed angry with one another.

17. Think before you speak.

18. Check your attitude.

19. Love your spouse.

20. Apologize.

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